Where did Permanent Makeup first originate?

5000 Years of Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup has been in existence for centuries and can be traced back thousands of years. Archaeologists discoveries show evidence Egyptian women using colour cosmetics such as green ore of copper for eye shadow going back 5000 B.C. There is also evidence henna was used to dye hair, carmine to redden lips, kohl to blacken eyebrows, eyelids, and lashes. Babylonians coloured their lips with shades of red believing this prevented demons from entering their bodies.

The Rise in Popularity

The rise in popularity for the procedure came to fruition in the late 1970’s. During this period, a variety of tattoo artists began offering cosmetic tattooing. This form of tattooing was later referred to as permanent cosmetics, permanent makeup, micropigmentation, and reconstructive pigmentation. Soon other professions became interested in performing these procedures including medical personnel, aestheticians, electrologists, and cosmetologists.

As advancements in the permanent makeup industry expanded, training programs were established during the 1980’s.  As society became more aware of the different types of permanent makeup procedures, the industry exploded exponentially.

Is Permanent Makeup safe?

According to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the procedure is very safe. Installation of barrier film is used to prevent any cross contamination accessing the client during any of the procedures. These preventative measures is supported by health organizations in Canada and the United States.

Choosing the right Technician

Choosing the right technician for any of the permanent makeup procedures is an important decision. Begin by find out if your technician has all the current credentials as well follows proper standard practices. Check to see the facility is a professional environment and has passed inspection by a Health Authority. Ask to see pictures of the work they have performed on previous clients. Look for natural appearance as looking good or better than regular applied makeup. By doing your homework will help you feel more comfortable and confident in the Technician capabilities to apply permanent makeup to you.

From 5000 years ago to modern day, permanent make up reigns as a popular substitute to apply makeup daily. Many have exclaimed, “Why did I wait so long!” Many thanks to the cosmetic tattoo artist trailblazers making this possible for women and a few men at every stage of life as mainstream in our culture for eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, and absolutely loving it.

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