The Many Benefits of Permanent Makeup

Bridgewater Permanent Makeup Benefits

The biggest and most beneficial reason for permanent makeup is waking up looking fresh and vibrant. The freedom to swim, exercise, shower and still look put together and ready to go. Permanent makeup is the ideal solution for women who are constantly on the go.

Historically, permanent makeup has been known to be used all the way to back 6000 years ago. Applications were crude and primitive using natural substance such as kohl or bees wax to create the pigment. Records indicate Cleopatra was adorned with permanent eyeliner and eyebrows. As well recovered Egyptian mummies show permanent makeup on the face still intact.

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique. A process of colour pigmentation applied to the dermis of the eye and brow. The application produces a design such as eyeliner of permanent colour to enhance your appearance. As colour is applied to the deeper layer of eyelids and brows, it removes the need to reapply makeup.


Our lives are busy juggling many commitments, commuting and trying to squeeze in fun activities. Permanent makeup saves time by removing the daily ritual of applying conventional makeup. No more worry about smudges, fades, or looking blotchy. Even after swimming, working out, having a shower, or walking off the golf course, permanent makeup stays intact.

Natural Look

Permanent makeup imitates the look of eyebrow pencil, and eyeliner. The process is called micropigmentation. A tattoo pen is used to inject permanent coloured ink to the dermis layer of your skin. The initial colour appears brighter and darker. Over time the colour fades, becoming a more natural look.

Difficulty Applying Makeup

Permanent makeup is a perfect solution for people who have a difficult time applying makeup. People who have physical disabilities or weakened motor skills, permanent makeup is the answer. If you find you or someone you know is challenged with Arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, poor eye sight or paralysis from a stroke and find it difficult to apply makeup, this is your solution. With permanent makeup the worry of applying makeup accurately is gone.

Who can benefit from a Permanent Makeup procedure?

  • Looking for time saving results applying makeup
  • A fresh, youthful look
  • Hair loss from tweezing or natural aging process
  • Natural pigment fading from aging
  • Allergies towards makeup
  • Work in an industry where makeup is not allowed
  • Live an active lifestyle or an athletic who loves swimming and the outdoors

How long does permanent makeup last?

Permanent makeup does not wash off and reason it is considered permanent. However, fading does occur over a period of time based on these factors;

  • Your body chemistry
  • Using exfoliating products
  • Amount of sun exposure
  • The permanent makeup colour chosen
  • The depth of the colour implanted in the epidermis layer

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