Yumi Eyelash Enhancements

What are Yumi eyelash enhancements?

Yumi Eyelash Enhancements is a trademark name for a specific type of eyelash enhancement.  It is a technique that lifts and boosts the lash without resorting to false lashes. Special silicon pads lift lashes from the root create a subtle, natural look. Your eyes appear more open with the illusion of longer lashes. The Symmetry Studio is proud to offer Yumi Eyelash Enhancements in Bridgewater.

This advance technique enhances your natural beauty. An excellent alternative instead of applying false lashes. No lash extension, no more glue! The lashes last 8 to 12 weeks, and possibly longer, depending on the shedding cycle of your lashes. They also come in a variety of lash tints to compliment your natural complexion perfectly.

In short we lift, tint and finish with a beautiful Keratin mascara!

Lash Lift & tint: $65

Treatment takes just over one hour

Tax not included in price
Payment Accepted: Cash, e-transfer, Visa, MasterCard