Permanent Eyebrows with Microblading in Bridgewater, NS

Permanent Eyebrows

At The Symmetry Studio, we offer two different types of permanent eyebrow applications:


Beautiful, permanent eyebrows are achieved through a procedure called Microblading. A hand tool with microscopic needles is used. Pigment is added to the eyebrow dermis through hair strokes or feather strokes. The result is beautiful and natural! Please plan on 2 hours for this procedure.

Microblading is also referred to as feathering, or simply “permanent makeup”. It is a popular method for eyebrow enhancement.  Enhance the appearance of your eyebrows, with this semi-permanent technique. This treatment is good for anyone.

The application is manually applied with small amounts of pigment, deposited into the surface layer of your skin. The method is semi-permanent and lasts up to a year. The eyebrows will fade and a filler is recommended to bring back the vibrancy it had when originally applied.


Commonly called Permanent Makeup or Cosmetic Tattooing. The procedure consists of implanting pigment into the surface (dermal) layer of the skin. An ancient art form transformed into a state of the art procedure. Micro-pigmentation has been documented for hundreds of years as a permanent makeup enhancement.

Micro-pigmentation is an alternative solution for those who are visually impaired or for those whose motor skills affect the ability to apply makeup. It also benefits people with alopecia, cosmetic allergies or to reduce the daily makeup application ritual. A no-fuss way to enhance your features and stay looking good all the time.

The Benefits of Permanent Eyebrows

Shaping your eyebrows with pencils and powders every day can be very time-consuming. If the shape of your eyebrows is not the look you desire, or they are sparse, patchy or none existent we offer the perfect solution to enhance your look. Beautiful tattoo brows can create the stunning look you are after. Our trained technicians will craft the perfect symmetrical style and colour that becomes you. Enjoy the freedom of swimming, showering and exercising without worrying about your makeup smudging or fading.


Microbladed Eye Brows
Price: $450.00

Powder Eyebrows
Price: $450.00

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