Permanent Makeup Magic Touch

We all have our favourite small business shops we like to frequent. From our favorite local coffee shop, to outdoor activities, to where we always go to unwind and pamper ourselves. Why? We do this because of the familiarity and the welcoming atmosphere we receive each time we visit. The warm and fuzzy that makes us feel special.

Every Interaction – High Value and Quality

Owners of these small businesses have a magic touch. Every interaction you have with them brings a high level of value and quality. Price is secondary with all the extra attention to detail they bring when you come to their place of business. The topic of price does not even come up in the conversation. Detail brings quality and why price is secondary. There is always the option to go out and find a bargain. Just know you will miss out on an amazing pampering experience only the business owner can produce.

Wake up every day looking your best

Did you know there is a way to look great, every day, as you start your day? Wake up every day looking fresh before you apply any makeup and stay that way throughout your busy day. Here is how you can look your best

All Day Lip Colour

A pop of colour on your lips gives a boost to our confidence. A touch of gloss to get out for a casual walk or a brilliant red for a night out of town. The right lip colour enriches our facial features. When a woman applies colour to her lips, it is not to please others, it is for self-care. How about a lip colour that last all day. Lipsense lip colour last for most between 6 to 8 hours. Used daily, a tube can go on for 4 to 6 months. Economical, healthy, and makes your lips look amazing.  No more fading or clumping lip colour. Look fresh and fabulous all day long.
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Yumi Lashes

Yumi eyelash is a trademark name for eyelash enhancement. A special technique that lifts and increases the lash without resorting to false lashes. An excellent alternative instead of applying lash extensions. The nasty glue used for false lashes is no longer necessary. This technique enhances long lasting and natural lashes. Your eyes appear wider, more open giving the illusion of longer lashes.
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Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner enhances your eyes and gives more definition. No more worry over smudging or fading. Ideal for athletes, wearing contact lens, sensitivity to eye makeup, visually impaired, or problems keeping the eyeliner straight. A colour pigment is applied to your upper and lower eyes. Each colour pigment is tailored to your skin tone providing a natural look and appeal. The effect from this application makes your eyes pop! No more applying, smudging, or trying to get it right. The eyeliner stays making your eyes beautifully perfect.
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Permanent Eyebrows

Beautifully shaped eyebrows enhance our facial features. Eyebrows provide a frame for our eyes to look brighter and attention to our cheek bones. Permanent eyebrows are achieved by adding pigment to the eyebrow dermis. The procedure is done through hair strokes or feather strokes. The results from this give a beautiful, natural look to your facial appearance.
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Medical conditions permanent makeup addresses

If you or someone you know has any of these medical conditions, permanent makeup could be the answer

  • Challenges applying makeup because of visual problems, hands shaking from Parkinson’s, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, or other medical reasons
  • Limited hair on eyebrow. Too light or condition of alopecia
  • Conceal scars

Permanent Makeup Magic Touch

Have you ever considered the permanent makeup to pamper yourself? Let me tell you about The Symmetry Studio. Laurie, the owner of The Symmetry Studio has the magic touch. When you schedule an appointment with Laurie, she makes sure everything is ready for you to feel welcome when you arrive at her studio.

So what are you waiting for? Interested? Curious? Thinking of getting permanent makeup done for yourself? Contact Laurie to learn more about the type of permanent makeup that is right for you. Phone or text 902-212-0459 or email