Now You Can Have Natural, Beautiful Eyelashes

Eyelashes frame the eyes and attract people to your gaze. As eyes are the most beautiful part of everyone’s face, the expression from a simple glance provides others with a sparkle of the real you.

Many cultures view long and gorgeous lashes as a universal symbol of beauty. Eyelashes is an important detail because of the significant difference it makes on a woman’s face. Long lashes create a dramatic effect as the eyes look wider and more open. In minutes you feel more attractive and a boost in your self-confidence. What if there is a way to wake-up with stunning, beautiful, long lashes? Yumi™ eyelash enhancements Bridgewater is your answer.

Introducing Yumi™ Lashes

The Brand Yumi™ Lashes came on the market in 2008 by Sandra Viglino, a Derapigmentaologist. As Yumi™ Lashes brightens and lifts the eye area, it also has some anti-ageing effects. The Yumi™ tint modifies the lashes by boosting the eyelash colour. This treatment brings out the natural beauty of the eyes. To find out more here is a link to the story

Yumi™ Lashes is a New Technique

Yumi™ Lashes is replacing traditional curling and lash extensions. Here we have a new technique that lengthens lashes without the use of lash extensions. Lashes are turned upwards to give length, height and volume. Lashes are given the appearance to look longer and thicker.

As an alternative to lash extensions, Yumi™ Lashes is a European brand of keratin lash enhancement treatment. A lash lift replaces the more familiar, traditional perming rods. Yumi™ Lashes specially created silicone pads lifts lashes from the root. A tint is applied suitable to your natural skin tone. This creates a subtle, natural look, giving lashes an illusion of length. Eyes have the appearance of being wider and more open. The effect last the natural life cycle of eyelash which is between 8 to 12 weeks.

The Advantages of Yumi Eyelash Enhancements Bridgewater

Think about it

  • No more sticking glue on your eyelid.
  • No more peeling eyelash extension and tearing lashes from your eyelids.
  • No more applying multiple coats of mascara throughout your day.
  • No more attaching false lashes and the messy removal
  • No more burning or itchy, watery eyes from wearing mascara
  • No need to wear mascara or use a lash curler
  • No longer avoid swimming, exercising, saunas or steam rooms

Instead enjoy

  • Lashes lasting 8 to 12 weeks
  • Lash lift, lash curl, lash darkened and lash tint
  • Lashes finish with a beautiful Keratin mascara
  • It is your own, natural lashes
  • Can use any mascara, eye makeup or makeup remover
  • Works on every eye shape
  • Straight lashes appear extended and more open
  • Curly lashes are softened and lengthened
  • A more natural look

The Treatment Process

The treatment takes between 45 – 60 minutes to complete, depending on the length and density of your natural lashes. An anti-aging gel pad is placed on top to protect your lower lashes. For your upper lashes, a keratin lifting treatment is applied that includes a boosting tint. The final touch is a keratin treatment mascara is applied to stay on for the next 24 hours. Many client find the treatment so relaxing, they find themselves drifting off into a slumber sleep.

To prep for the treatment we ask to arrive with no eye-makeup, mascara or lash-extensions. Your lashes need to be clean and natural. If you had on waterproof mascara or wore false eyelashes to make sure all excess mascara and glue is removed.

After Care 

For the first 24 hours avoid any water from touching your lashes. This includes swimming, sauna, or demanding workout. As well washing your face with water. Your lashes need time to lift and set. After 24 hours you may apply your favourite eye makeup and mascara.

Yumi™ eyelash enhancements Bridgewater is the solution to false or lash extensions.  A beauty revolution technique to highlight your natural eyelashes and beautify your eyes.

Throw away the eyelash curler and store away the expensive mascara. The best part with Yumi™ Lashes is you wake up with beautiful eyelashes.

To find out more and book your appointment for Yumi™ eyelash enhancements Bridgewater contact Laurie at The Symmetry Studio 902-212-0459  Find out more about our other services by clicking on the link for permanent eyebrows and permanent eyeliner.