Microblading Eyebrows. An investment in your confidence

Is part of your daily makeup ritual is to pluck and darken your eyebrows? Well it is time to throw away your eyebrow pencils, your sharpies, and all your brow gels. If you want the perfect eyebrows that define and cover gaps, Bridgewater microblading eyebrows is your solution.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of tattooing The difference is tattooing as it is done with a machine. Microblading eyebrows is done by inserting pigment and embedded under the skin with a handheld manual tool. A specialized microblading pen is used to draw strokes one by one along the brow. The application is a meticulous process. Your technician pays close attention to detail throughout the entire process to ensure the brow is completely filled.

How to prepare yourself

There will be some bleeding that will happen during the procedure. A week before treatment avoid any blood thinners, aspirin, and alcohol.

Is there any pain?

Pain is relative to each person. Some people feel more pain than others from the procedure. Overall the effect feels like short, brisk scratches along your eyebrows.

Preparation and Process Bridgewater Microblading Eyebrows

Your eyebrows are prepped in advance with topical numbing cream followed by a liquid anesthetic. When required, the numbing cream is topped up throughout the entire process to dull the discomfort. This is especially for client’s with sensitive skin. For most there is some discomfort, but relatively pain free. The procedure takes time and for best results is not to be rushed. Plan to block 2 hours for the duration of treatment.

Aftercare of your eyebrows is vital

To protect your freshly microblading eyebrows, it is important is avoid any excessive moisture up to 48 hours. This means no sweat workouts, getting water on your brows while washing your face, or in the shower. There might be some itching as well some swelling and redness during the first week as your eyebrows heal. A little dab of Vaseline or coconut cream will help remove any itching and help in the healing process. Your eyebrows will appear dark after treatment. The colour will fade in a couple of weeks.

How long does it last?

The results last up to three years depending on your skin and lifestyle. A touch up every 6 months keeps your eyebrows looking fresh.

Bridgewater microblading eyebrows appear in many different shapes and styles. Your technician will chose the best customized shape suitable to your facial features. From arched, to feathered look, straight and bold. The most important criteria to considered is it suitable to your facial features. Eyebrows frame your features and enhance your appearance. Microblading eyebrows is not reserved for movie stars and the elite, it is for every woman.

The best thing about Bridgewater microblading eyebrows, there is no downtime from this procedure. Your technician will recommend scheduling a follow-up in one month to check the healing process is performing well and if any touch ups needs to be done on your brows. Another advantage microblading eyebrows, they are low maintenance and smudge-proof. Once your eyebrows are healed, you can rub them, go swimming, shower, workout, and enjoy a sauna. Wake up every day to perfect eyebrows. Take the leap today and invest in your confidence.

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