Permanent makeup services in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

We use only natural, organic products

Focused exclusively on microblading and micropigmentation

Permanent cosmetic services and solutions

We offer an “experience” vs. a “treatment”.

Your Beauty & Comfort are Our Priority

Welcome to Bridgewater’s premier permanent makeup studio, with professionally trained artist technicians.

We are committed to continuing education and training with updates in new permanent cosmetic services or solutions. Focused exclusively on microblading and micropigmentation, our top of the line services will leave you satisfied with your results. We are experts in achieving the ultimate low maintenance makeup for your image.

Wake up in the morning ready to go. Sleep, exercise, swim or run and your eyebrows, eyeliner and eyelashes look spectacular!

We offer an “experience” vs. “treatment” in a small intimate, one-on-one setting.  Your comfort and your beauty are our priority.

Approved and Insured

The Symmetry Studio is approved by Interior Health Authority and is fully insured with Sports & Fitness Insurance of Canada

Permanent Makeup Magic Touch

Permanent Makeup Magic Touch We all have our favourite small business shops we like to frequent. From our favorite local coffee shop, to outdoor activities, to where we always go to unwind and pamper ourselves. Why? We do this because of the familiarity and the...

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Where did Permanent Makeup First Originate?

Where did Permanent Makeup first originate? 5000 Years of Permanent Makeup Permanent Makeup has been in existence for centuries and can be traced back thousands of years. Archaeologists discoveries show evidence Egyptian women using colour cosmetics such as green ore...

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Finally a lipstick that last all day!

Finally a lipstick that lasts all day! Lipstick gives your face a pop of colour and a boost of confidence. A touch of gloss to pick up a few groceries or a brilliant red lipstick for a night out of town. Either way, lipstick enriches your facial features. When a woman...

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